Our Quality Management

Our Quality policy is based on the following principles:

  1. The quality of our products is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers. Satisfied customers will communicate their quality valuation, thus acquiring new customers. Satisfied customers will buy again, thus ensuring orders. Satisfied customers are the very basis of existence for our company, they secure jobs. Demanding and satisfied customers are our objective.
  2. The most important leadership function is achieving our quality objective.
  3. The management is fully committed to this Task.
  4. Every direct customer contact is subject to the following objective:
    The customer must be the center point of positive customer communication. For this reason, our specialists are happy to give technical advice. Requests and offers must be handled quickly, appointments must be kept.
  5. Ready-for-use fiber optic cables are our business. The reliability of our products is our demand for our work and its standard. Every employee’s activities are oriented towards this goal – quality is everybody’s Business.
  6. Cleanliness and order are prerequisites to realize our customers’ legitimate claims for quality in our products and services. A clean working place is a matter of course for our employees. The management strives to continuously improve the appearance of the production facilities and to create good working conditions for all employees.