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Sachsenkabel expands manufacturing capacity for telecommunications products with production site in North Macedonia

LWL-Sachsenkabel GmbH is responding to the growing demand for fiber optic solutions in the telecommunications sector, especially in broadband expansion, and is expanding its manufacturing capacities for the European market. The company has established a business unit in a production facility of the parent company Amphenol in Kočani in North Macedonia.
In the future, the main activities here will be the assembly of fiber optic cables and connectors (LC, SC, MPO) as well as the assembly of fiber optic components such as splice boxes for broadband expansion. Through this expansion, Sachsenkabel consolidates its position as a reliable manufacturer of fiber optic solutions for telecommunications and takes an important step towards internationalization.

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Management change at LWL-Sachsenkabel GmbH

Dr. Michael Müller (38) is the new General Manager of LWL-Sachsenkabel GmbH from 1st January 2023. Michael Müller who holds a PhD in mechanical engineering, succeeds Silvia Duus, who will retire after 15 years leading the company. He aims to continue the growth strategy of the established fiber optic cabling specialist and, above all, take advantage of the business opportunities in the field of broadband development.

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Space-saving modular system enables high packing density

With the modular rack unit (Modular Rack Unit), the 19-inch high-density system enables a maximum number of patching with minimum space requirements and supports installation of high-performance network infrastructures for 400G and 800G transmission. It is available in the installation height of 1 U and can accommodate 144 fibers per height unit with standard LC connector systems. With the new VSFF (Very Small Form Factor) connector systems, even up to 288 fibers per height unit could be mapped in the future.

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Sachsenkabel first partner in Europe for distribution of AccuCore HCF™ hollow core fiber

Technologies of the future require low latency – OFS’ patented air core fiber reduces this by around 30 %

Regardless of whether it’s Industry 4.0, virtual reality, autonomous driving or 5G applications (to name just a few) – future technologies require low latencies for data-based decisions. Even today, low latencies play a crucial role in high-frequency trading.

Hollow Core Fiber (HCF fiber), developed and patented by OFS Fitel, LLC., transmits light signals over an air core instead of the silica-based core previously used for optical fiber. Based on this technology, data can be transmitted with a time savings of 1.5 microseconds per kilometer. The air-core fiber is thus ideally suited for applications with high-speed data transmission, e.g. also in data centers.

LWL-Sachsenkabel GmbH is the first European distributor of the patented AccuCore HCF™ hollow core fiber from OFS Fitel, LLC.

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