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Dagmar Kortry, accountant

“A working place at your doorsteps, so the family doesn’t lose out.“

Before I started working at Sachsenkabel I had been a qualified tax assistant and later, after a two-years training, I worked as accountant for a tax counselor. The daily commute was very long. With two kids, it seemed almost impossible to keep up with all the obligations. That’s why I wanted some change in my life. There should be more time left for my family and me. I also had the wish to be working for only one company. Today I am more than happy to have taken that step. I have supported the team since 2013 and I can see the company growing continuously. I reach my working place quickly now, even by bicycle, plus the company offers benefits on top of the salary. Especially at the beginning, I was really surprised by the little presents for Christmas, Easter or on your Birthday.


Nicole Donner, shift leader

“As committed employees are appreciated, I got the chance to develop from temp to shift leader.”

To experience the complete manufacturing process and to see what you create – that’s what I found intriguing at Sachsenkabel. In my former job, I could not see this process. Since I had already worked for Sachsenkabel, I came back in 2010 as a temp. Later Sachsenkabel employed me with a permanent contract. My job has always been very interesting as I could contribute to every production area. After my maternity and childcare leave I now supervise my own production team. I take care that we keep our delivery dates and I deploy the staff according to their skills and abilities. I really like the team spirit and the working atmosphere in the whole company. The production management will always listen and take your concerns seriously. It is also nice that we may bring along our partners to the annual summer party.

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