Mobile fiber optic connection to an autonomous underwater vehicle

A wide variety of underwater vehicles are used for the inspection and analysis of water bodies themselves or of objects and structures in the water (e.g. dams, port facilities, submarine cables, etc.). With the help of sensors and high-resolution video cameras, these vehicles record the desired data in the water and transmit it in real time to a control station. In order to realize uninterrupted communication with a battery-powered underwater vehicle, we supply you with a mobile fiber optic cable drum with integrated rotary transformer. This allows easy winding and unwinding of the fiber optic cable and permanent data transmission during the entire dive.

The rotary transformer is mounted in the smallest possible space inside the cable drum and the fiber optic cable is connected to the submersible vehicle via a flameproof fiber optic connector. This means that in the event of maintenance or a technical defect, you do not have to subject the entire diving robot to repair, but only have to check the cable and replace it if necessary. In addition, the cable and the plug-in connection are designed as an emergency rescue function. In the event of a failure of the systems, the underwater vehicle can thus be easily pulled back by the fiber optic cable. For this purpose, the cable and the connector are designed for particularly high tensile strength. Your fiber optic cable is thus equipped for the demanding environmental conditions of underwater operation.

Our solution for an underwater vehicle

Mobile cable drum for diving robot

Mobile cable drum for diving robot 1 2
Cable Drum with rotary joint

Cable Drum with rotary joint


  • Robust metal cable drums
  • Up to 900m fiber optic cable with a cable diameter of 3.0 mm
  • Integrated rotary joint


  • Winding the fiber optic cable while data transmission is in progress without interruption
  • Long cable lengths with compact external dimensions
  • Robust structure for transport through rough terrain to the place of use


  • Different drum sizes depending on the required cable length
  • Different types of rotary joints available depending on requirements
Assembled cable with detachable plug-in connection

Assembled cable with detachable plug-in connection


  • Cable with a diameter of 3.0 mm and high tensile strength
  • Floatable cable in salt and fresh water
  • Plug connection and cable tested at 13 bar pressure


  • The buoyancy of the cable prevents the cable from getting tangled when diving robots maneuver backwards
  • Cable in signal color for good visibility on the surface
  • Small diameter and therefore low weight
  • Waterproof fiber optic connector (plug + built-in adapter) for up to 130 m diving depth


  • Singlemode or multimode depending on the used transceiver technology
  • Simplex or duplex


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