Cabling solutions for the energy sector

Regardless of whether fossil fuels or regenerative energies, a reliable energy supply is the top priority. Future energy concepts should also be sustainable, powerful and remotely controllable.

Today’s energy plants must react faster than ever to current electricity demand in order to compensate for load fluctuations in the power grid. For this, a high-quality and reliable fiber optic connection is indispensable, which can also withstand the sometimes harsh conditions in the plants. Whether wind, water, sun or biomass, the generation of these sources is based on decades of experience and continuous improvements. A large number of plantsĀ  requires a complex network and elaborate control systems to ensure the stability of the power grid. A reliable network infrastructure is therefore the basis of a functioning extraction technology, especially for large plants.


Sachsenkabel therefore offers reliable fiber optic solutions for the data network of your power generation plants. Already in the planning stage, we can address your individual data network requirements and bring the fiber to the heart of your plant. Benefit from our long experience in the fiel of critical infrastructures. Together with you, we will find exactly the solution that fits your needs – regardless of whether your technology is based on hydropower, wind energy or conventional energy generation methods.

Thanks to our 30 years of experience in passive network infrastructure as well as our partner network, we can realize a secure and sustainable network with you.
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For what type of power generation do you need a fiber optic cabling?