400 Gigabit-Ethernet Fiber Optic Cabling

The Future of High-Performance-Backbones

Cloud computing, Big Data, Internet of Thing, streaming or AI applications – applications which make the development to 400 Gbit/s in the area of data center cabling necessary. The Ethernet roadmap also sets the direction here, but for a long time now there has not been “THE ONE” right way.

The first IEEE 802.3bs standardized transmission method 400GBASE-SR16 is already obsolete – PAM-4 makes it possible. With 400GBASE-SR8 and -SR4/4.2, new standards offer further cabling options. Multimode fiber is also getting competition on short distances. The PSM4 standard makes singlemode fiber presentable.

In order to successfully reach the goal with the many possibilities, the most important task remains to install a future-proof, application-neutral backbone network for further migrations. Base-8 cabling offers a constant in the changing standards. We will be happy to advise you on which cabling concept is right for your application.

Exemplary fiber optic cabling strategy