Future-Proof Data Center Cabling

Digital and virtual applications generate increasingly high requirements for data center infrastructures, thus, skyrocketing bandwidth needs.

Hence, many data center operators rely on future-proof fiber optic Gigabit Ethernet.
On that basis, it is possible to reach transmission rates of up to 400 Gbit/s. At the same time the road is paved for even faster optical transmission rates. According to the current Ethernet Roadmap issued by Ethernet Alliance, speeds of 800 Gbit/s and 1,6 Tbit/s are to become standard by 2030.


Perfect scalability and reliable network technologies are, thus, paramount for any futu­re-proof data center infrastructure, be it in active equipment or in passive infrastructure components.
Fiber optic infrastructure systems by LWL-Sachsenkabel offer the users both:
Simple migration processes and lasting operational reliability.

LWL-Sachsenkabel has offered excellent passive data center infrastructures for more than 15 years. The company will reliably assist customers during all project stages with their wholistic approach: from planning to implementing and commissioning to after-sales services.


What fiber optic solution do you need for your data center?