30 Years of LWL-Sachsenkabel

A Reason for Joy and Celebration!

Started as a small company with three employees in 1991, we now look back with gratitude and pride on 30 years of Sachsenkabel-Power. Our biggest success factor are our employees, who give their best for our customers every day. 30 years, that means more than 3,000 man-years of experience and know-how and reflects a wealth of knowledge in the field of fiber optics. Freely following the motto: “Through connections between people, we create connections for people”, we work every single day on perfect solutions and products for our customers. But it is not only our employees who have contributed to the success of Sachsenkabel. The trusting, honest business relationships with our customers and business partners have also been an essential part of the Sachsenkabel success story. For this we say thank you and are already looking forward to another successful 30 years with you.


The countdown is running!

30 Years of Sachsenkabel

until sachsenkabel anniversary celebration!

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