Check-up for Deutschlandradio OB trucks

High-tech on four wheels is how today’s OB trucks can be described to meet the increasing demands of live broadcasts. Viewers and listeners in front of the TV, the radio or the Internet demand fail-safe coverage. That’s why the trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

However, even the most modern technology can be affected by the versatile high demands of outdoor operations. In such cases, the worst-case scenario is a broadcasting failure. To avoid this, the technology should be regularly maintained. Deutschlandradio had the check-up of the fiber optic lines carried out at our premises.

The most critical factor was time. The check-up of the lines, as well as their repair, had to be carried out within the shortest possible time to keep the downtime of the OB truck as low as possible.

Read our success story to find out whether Sachsenkabel was able to keep to the time frame and what other challenges had to be overcome.