Sachsenkabel integrates MTP®/APC in Multimode 400Gbit (Base8 -) URM Cabling

What is indispensable in the singlemode area, is also establishing itself peu à peu for multimode cabling – the APC cut. The necessity for this is the PAM4 coding standardized in the Ethernet Alliance for 400GBASE-SR8. With PAM-4 [Pulse Amplitude Modulation at 4 Level], the signal can now be modulated to four switching states instead of the previous two switching states of the common NRZ method. This allows 50G to be transmitted per direction and per fiber [8x50G =400Gb/s]. However, this coding is particularly sensitive to the back-reflected light waves. The MPO/MTP®16 defined in the IEEE as the interface for the 400G QSFP-DD transceivers is therefore available in both UPC and APC grinds. Compared to the UPC cut, the bevel cut increases the attenuation of the back reflected light (Return Loss (RL) from >20dB (PC) to >50dB (APC) (at 850/1300 nm)). With the connecting cable on 2x URM NG P8, the MTP®16/APC fits perfectly into the established Base-8 cabling.

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