Sachsenkabel first partner in Europe for distribution of AccuCore HCF™ hollow core fiber

AccuCore HCF™ von OFS Fitel LLC AccuCore HCF™ from OFS Fitel LLC

Technologies of the future require low latency – OFS’ patented air core fiber reduces this by around 30 %

Regardless of whether it’s Industry 4.0, virtual reality, autonomous driving or 5G applications (to name just a few) – future technologies require low latencies for data-based decisions. Even today, low latencies play a crucial role in high-frequency trading.

Hollow Core Fiber (HCF fiber), developed and patented by OFS Fitel, LLC., transmits light signals over an air core instead of the silica-based core previously used for optical fiber. Based on this technology, data can be transmitted with a time savings of 1.5 microseconds per kilometer. The air-core fiber is thus ideally suited for applications with high-speed data transmission, e.g. also in data centers.

LWL-Sachsenkabel GmbH is the first European distributor of the patented AccuCore HCF™ hollow core fiber from OFS Fitel, LLC.

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