The renaissance of the LC mini connector?

With the introduction of new VSFF connectors and the demand for ever higher packing densities, the choice of fiber optic interfaces is correspondingly large. However, these connectors have yet to establish themselves. This raises the question of the reintroduction of cabling components that had been avoidably declared dead, such as the LC mini connector. Due to the lower ferrule center distance of 5.25 mm, this SFF connector makes it possible to increase the number of fiber optic ports on certain active devices and thus offers the potential to be reintegrated into the new 800G interfaces. For the OSFP (Octal Small Form Factor Pluggable) specifications, the MSA (Multi Source Agreement Group) has provided for the LC-Mini in two transmission paths. The LC-Mini can thus be used for the transmission of 2x400G FR4 for singlemode as well as for the 2x400G SWDM4 for multimode application.

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