VSFF Connector CS: Unite packing density with handling

Very Small Form Factor Connectors (VSFF Connectors) have entered the fiber optic marked. There are used wherever a lot of data has to be transmitted as quickly as possible and in saving space manner, for example in Data Centers for 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) up to 400 GbE and the Core Area of telecommunication network of large network operators. There, they are best suited for connection to high-density transceivers.

Due to its space-saving design, the CS connector increase the packing density by almost double compared with an LC-Uniboot Connector. So, you reach a new dimension of the numbers of connections. Despite its small size, the CS connector can be optimally patched. A sufficient long and detachable tag allows an easy push and pull. Good insertion and return loss are also achieved with the CS connector. The reason for this is the zirconia ferrule. The faces of the ferrule based connectors can be polished very well. This ensures that the largest possible volume of your signal is transferred.

Discover the CS connector at our Product Designer on Sachsenkabel pulse and configure your new cable in multimode or singlemode.

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