Support of the 5G campus network Media Broadcast GmbH

One of the oldest broadcast transmitter is equipped by one of the newest technologies. 5G is being broadcast on the Media Broadcast area in Nauen (Germany) since the end of last year. Our partner offers an indoor and outdoor network at the test campus.

This is also made possible by the components of LWL-Sachsenkabel GmbH. They contribute to the fact that data can be transported and processed at the speed of light. But Sachsenkabel deliver not only Fiber Optic Cables for the connection from the antenna to the indoor distribution technology respectively the baseband unit for the outdoor network. Also the power supply with “Power over Ethernet” is possible by the components of Sachsenkabel.

The 5G campus network from Media Broadcast is a PoC (Proof of Concept). So it can used by companies, which want to test a 5G network, espacially Companies from the Media Production sector and industry companies. On protected frequencies the 5G newcomers can explore the networks for upcoming application scenarios. You find more information about the test campus on There you can also find live videos about the 5G installation.

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