Numerous Advantages with the new flexiFanoutDUO Dividing Element

Datenschrank mit flexiFanoutDUO flexiFanoutDUO

With Sachsenkabel’s new flexiFanoutDUO dividing element, you can design your cabling even smarter and more flexible. Any cable with Uniboot connector can be assembled to be divided into two fanouts with one simplex connector each. This makes switching of polarity simpler than ever.

As you will need only a single thin cable instead of two simplex cables, the cable volume can almost be halved. This also reduces the fire load.

Despite its small form factor, the dividing element flexiFanoutDUO can withstand tensile forces of 100N at the cable and 70N at the fanout. You need small bending radii? With the integrated antikink element, small-radius bending can be realized without problems.


More advantages for network operators:

When using active technology, it is often necessary to dampen one of the fibers. Different fanout lengths for optimized length compensation can be realized without problems using the flexiFanoutDUO.

Even more advantages for data center applications:

Large-diameter cables necessitate higher air conditioning efforts, thus, requiring more energy. The thinner cable with flexiFanoutDUO facilitates air conditioning for your energy savings.

Find more technical details about flexiFanoutDUO here.